Shade of Yalo


Offers and payments

How do you create an offer?

I create a bid depending on a few things. The general costs depend on the amount patterning paper, mock-up fabrics and small materials needed. Hence they are variable. For instance stays barely need mock-up fabrics, though a dress with a few meters of fabric within the skirt needs more. This is the same for material costs, only those are usually higher due to the use of more luxurious materials.

Costs per hour depend on how much hours I think I have to spend on prior research, leading to the pattern, but also the amount of time used for production. To estimate the amount of hours, I make an educated guess, keeping time used for previous similar projects in mind. If it takes more time than estimated, that'll be my own risk, though if it takes less time than estimated, I will calculate this into the invoice. This way, you never pay more than expected!

Can I pay in instalments?

For the more expensive projects this is certainly possible, perhaps even preferred. If you would wish to pay in several instalments, I create a plan and for every period you will be sent an invoice. After I receive your payment I will continue on your order. Not paying on time means a delay in the project. 

When ordering different parts which belong to one costume, instalments will be calculated as if you were paying for one product at a time, so that you will already own a few products halfway the project.


Questions about process

Is there no way the process can be done digitally?

With this I mean a digital brainstorm- and fitting sessions. Sadly, for now there is no replacement yet. As researcher I learnt to work based off the work of others, but not to take everything as truth. I also learnt that the weirdest things can cause mistakes in measuring. Hence, I prefer to take measurements myself, so I can use the same measuring tape to draw patterns. When fitting, I prefer to see the work from all angles so I can make sure it fits like it should.

Long story short, I'm way too visual to switch over to a completely digital production for now.

What is a mock-up/what are mock-up fabrics?

A mock-up is a test version of fitted products. Consider it a first, 'quick' sketch made before the actual drawing. The mock-up is usually made of one layer of fabric, and during fitting I adjust the sizes of the mock-up and thus the pattern according to your body. This is done to prevent the actual fabric from being cut up entirely in way too small pattern pieces, and then find out it does not fit. The mock-up fabric is one 'pretending' to be the actual fabric but way cheaper. This is often bought in bulk, and primarily used to make these quick versions.

A working mockup is used for instance with stays. The two core layers are made up including baleens and those are fitted to check if everything fits. The advantage of this is that there is no mock-up being left behind, as this working mock-up has the inner- and outer layer attached later on.

What information do you need of me?

I will need several kinds of information. First of all, I will need to know what you are imagining if we are talking about fitted work. Otherwise I can never exceed your imaginations! Next to that I need to have sizes, which I, as aforementioned, preferably take myself. With those I could bring my dress forms up to size, and the clothing moulded to the dress form should fit you better. Last but not least, I will need your contact information to ask questions or send information in the process.

Is there something you will not do?

I am a western tailor and seamstress. I will not make clothes that belong to alive cultures as they simply are no costumes. This is for instance Japanese geisha clothes, or native culture. If you would like to have clothes in these styles I recommend you to make a purchase at someone belonging to said culture, they know best what does and does not belong in their culture!


How can fitted products be sold in a webshop?

The webshop does not sell fitted products, rather ones that are "one size fits (almost) all". The sizes are variable, or they are products that do not need to be fitted. For instance night gowns and shifts are meant to be fitted loosely and they are meant not to be seen. Hence, an exact size is not needed. For hanging pockets and petticoats the garment is on a tape, and this tape can be bound around your waist in any way. Hence, fitting is not needed, and it can be sold without double-checking.

Can webshop items be customised?

Yes and no. Since the start of Shade of Yalo, I have adjusted items from the webshop to give them personal value. Though, these personal products are not sold in the webshop. If you are interested in something similar to webshop products, please contact me using this form. Please do keep in mind I might be charging additional costs.


Can I apply as intern/employee/etc.?

I love to help people find a job, however, Shade of Yalo is a company with only one employee, said employee being me. I also don't own my company's current location. Hence I cannot employ anyone. If you would like to do it to learn how to sew, it might be good to know that I am considering giving sewing classes. If you are interested, please let me know! The more potential participants, the more likely I can help you with that!